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About Us
Outlook Cabling is a Black Empowerment networking cabling company in South Africa.
We have offices and points of-of-presence in all major centres.


Structured Cabling infrastructures and combine both voice and data communications whether the terminations are copper or fibre.
During the past decade voice and data cabling have converged, with cabling infrastructures being designed to support a variety of other requirements including video conferencing, e-mail, internet connectivity and cable TV.

Copper Cabling still remain the most popular media, essentially due to its low cost, durability and ease of installation with Category 5, 5-Enhanced and Category six on offer.

By defining a set of uniform standards for signal transmission, system construction and performance testing, manufactures and system integrators have a set of guidelines to conform to and purchasers have a means of comparing one structured cabling system’s performance with another and ensuring a guaranteed level of performance.

The latest network protocols are capable of transmitting vastly increased amount of data and many existing cabling systems cannot cope. Outdated and inadequate running on coax, twin-ax and other non-generic cables are now being replaced to keep up to the modern performance levels.

An Outlook Cabling installed structured cabling system however, is specifically designed to offer the highest performance levels available, enabling current and foreseeable future network protocols to be accommodated, protect your IT investments.

In Conclusion

We provide complete consulting and design services for structured cable systems and computer networks. When a customer knows what he needs with a network, but does not know what is required to meet those needs, Outlook Cabling will make recommendations, and working with the client engineer a system to perform to, or exceed the specifications which are required. Whether the system is a LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), or WLAN (Wireless Network), quality and customer is our first priority.

Outlook Cabling's approach to develop a comprehensive cabling program: For all Category 3, Category 5, Category 6, fibre optic, multi-pair, coaxial, and other cabling installation requirements, we are the right choice. No matter what your cabling need, LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), or WLAN (Wireless LAN) you can count on a reliable Outlook Cabling Certified System. From a single drop to a national roll out, Outlook Cabling will customize a plan to complete your networking requirements in a timely, organized, professional manner.

Outlook Cabling applies to a collaborative account management's approach, which creates a highly tailored relationship with built-in flexibility to affect our customers changing business needs. The baseline for the service delivered is the agreement represented by an SLA.

Fundamental to both these concepts is agreement on what aspects of the service will be measured, how they will be measured and how these measurements will be reviewed by both the customer’s expectations and our ability to deliver continual improvement. Outlook Cabling will contractually commit to service levels for the service to be provided.

We believe there is value in this arrangement because it increases your control over business results. Outlook Cabling’s philosophy that our success is measured by the success of our customers and we will therefore base the relationship on measurable results that are in-line with your business objects.